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Emco Ltd in London, Ontario
Manufacturing about Asphalts

Emco Wheaton Corporation in Oakville, Ontario
Manufacturing about Controlling Devices

Emerald Gems in Mississauga, Ontario
Jewellery and gifts

Emery International Developments Limited in Markham, Ontario
Pulp moulding equipment for making biodegradable and recyclable trays and cartons, moulded bottle and can containers.

Emhart Fastening Teknologies in Anjou, Quebec
Fastening and riveting systems, threaded inserts systems, and specialty fasteners, nuts and screws.

Emhiser Research Ltd. in Parry Sound, Ontario
Telemetry products, transmitters, receivers, PCM encoders and decoders, RF power amplifiers, seismic equipment, VCO's and discriminators.

EMI Music Canada in Mississauga, Ontario
Manufacturing about Audio Tops

Emlu Precisions Inc. in Saint-Leonard, Quebec

Empco (Canada) Ltd. in Whitby, Ontario
Electric arc furnaces and associated melt shop equipment, CAD and FEA engineering services.

Empire Aluminum Works Ltd. in Coquitlam, British Columbia

Empire Carbide Engineering Ltd in Concord, Ontario
Mfrs Machine Tools & Accessories

Empire Counter Tops in St Catharines, Ontario

Empire Iron Works Ltd in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Structural steel, miscellaneous metal, and mechanical.

Empire Iron Works Ltd. in Delta, British Columbia

Empire Sheet Metal Manufacturing Company Limited in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Heating and ventilating products, custom sheet metal work, and tools, pick-and-place parts handling machines.